March 10, 2021

Speak your Truth

Authenticity seems like an easy enough concept to follow. But we all know that is not the reality. Throughout our days, we all put on several masks. Whether they be at work or around our friends. Whether it be to hide the truth or the lie of an opinion. We have all been there. Ironically, we live in a time where your opinion is demande...
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March 5, 2021

I am a sinner

I am a sinner, but wait for it... you are too. The only difference is that some of us accept it, and some of us are in denial. Sad but true. Rather than pointing fingers, sitting on a high horse, I will be embracing my reality. Leaning into the ethos that fueled the very first company I incorporated, FlawsB4Perfection. Ironically, that...
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