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March 24, 2023

Composite primary keys improvements and more

Hi, it’s Wojtek with this week’s changes in the Rails codebase. Allow specifying WHERE clauses with column-tuple syntax. Querying through Active Record where now accepts a tuple syntax which accepts, as a key, an array of columns and, as a value, an array of corresponding tuples. This improves support for composite primary keys. Accept...
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March 17, 2023

TestFixtures#fixture_path deprecation, FinderMethods#find support for composite primary key values, etc.

Kaixo! Long time no see. Emmanuel Hayford here. This week, a lot happened in Rails, so much so that to keep this edition short, I've had to cut some equally goodpull requests out. Here's what I have for you today: Allow querying by the whole record for composite query constraints Suppose you have defined an association between two mode...
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March 10, 2023

This Week in Rails: Improve custom namespace autoloading, Object#with and more!

Hi, this is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in the Rails codebase. Lockdown rails app in production for security Current Dockerfile generated by Rails runs as a non-root user which prevents modification of the operating system but leaves wide open all gems and the application itself. This change locks down the application gems an...
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March 3, 2023

🎎 First edition of March

Hi, it’s zzak. Let’s explore this week’s changes in the Rails codebase. Turbo v7.3.0 is out! Be sure to check the release notes to see what changed. Configurable digest algorithm for Active Record Encryption This adds a new option to configure the digest algorithm in Active Record Encryption. It sets SHA-256 as the new default starting...
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February 24, 2023

The Rails Foundation update, perform_all_later in AJ and more

Hi, it’s Wojtek. Let’s dig into this week’s changes and announcements. Amanda Perino as new executive director for The Rails Foundation Please welcome Amanda to the job of leading the mission to improve the documentation, education, marketing, and events in the Rails ecosystem. Add ActiveJob.perform_all_later to enqueue multiple jobs a...
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February 17, 2023

This Week in Rails: preloading associations with composite keys and more!

Hi, this is Greg, bringing you this week’s changes in the Rails codebase. Support preloading associations with composite keys This pull request adds support for Associations::Preloader to be able to preload associations associated by a composite foreign key (query_constraints) and by implication adds support for includes() relations. S...
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February 10, 2023

Parameter filtering and an improved ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper#token_list

Përshëndetje! Emmanuel here with the usual stuff. filtered_path in ActionController::Instrumentation event payloads over fullpath For security reasons, some data need to be filtered before it reaches bad actors. Rails now filters parameters in paths that may include sensitive information in logs. Instead of passing fullpath to ActionCo...
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February 3, 2023

Week 05: Spring is here?

Hi, it’s zzak, happy 節分! I’m very excited for spring, this winter has been tough! Let’s get into this week’s changes in the Rails codebase. Use infinitive form for all task descriptions verbs All the common rails commands and some extended commands use the infinitive form for the verb in the description: “Generate …”, “Start …”, “Run …...
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January 27, 2023

New AssumeSSL middleware, raise on missing translations everywhere, and more

Hi, it's Wojtek. Let's explore this week's changes in the Rails codebase. Rails and have been released Released and versions addressing a compatibility issue with the and security releases from last week. Allow use of SSL-terminating reserve proxy that doesn't set headers Add ActionDispat...
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January 20, 2023

Active Record regroup, CurrentAttributes name restrictions and more!

Hola, this is Greg, bringing you the latest changes from Rails. Raise exception when if a restricted attribute name is used with CurrentAttributes Attribute names like set and reset should not be used with ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes, because they clash with its public API. With this change, an ArgumentError is raised when a restr...
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January 13, 2023

An endpoint for uptime monitors, an improved help command, etc

Halløj. It's me again, bringing you the usual goodies from Rails. Show relevant commands when calling help This pull request improves the user experience by displaying the appropriate commands for the context in which the user is running rails -h or rails. When outside of a Rails application, the output will be the options for the rail...
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January 6, 2023

First edition of 2023! 🥂

Long time no see! 新年明けましておめでとうございます!Zzak here to bring you the first This Week in Rails of.. *almost writes 2022*. 🤣 Spotlight I want to try something different, there has been one particular person that I feel deserves a Shout Out: Akira Matsuda. He has contributed 40 commits since the last episode..! His focus has been on incremental...
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December 30, 2022

This Year in Rails, a summary of 2022!

Hey! This is Emmanuel, Greg and Wojciech, bringing you the summary of what happened with Rails in the past year. It was a busy year with 3131 commits from 491 contributors and 31 releases! We carefully selected the most significant pull requests for inclusion, but it is possible that we may have overlooked some due to the need to keep ...
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December 23, 2022

Rails on Docker, local? environment inquirer and more!

Hi there, this is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in Rails! Only include all_queries default scopes on reload This pull request changes the current behaviour on reload, which applies all the default scopes, if any are marked as all_queries: true. The correct behaviour is to only apply all_queries: true default scopes on reload. A...
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December 16, 2022

Documentation on preloading STIs, TimeHelpers improvement, etc

नमस्ते, This is Emmanuel Hayford with some updates from Rails! Hide changes to before_committed! behaviour behind config This PR introduces a new configuration option that will enable before_committed! callbacks on all enrolled records in a transaction by default in Rails 7.1. Previously, callbacks were only run on the first copy of a ...
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December 9, 2022

Disabled IRB autocompletion, bugfixes and more!

Hi, this is Greg, bringing you the latest news about Rails. Replace method_source gem with Ripper With this change, Ripper is used to determine the last line number of a given test method to support running tests by line number. Disable Rails console IRB's autocompletion in production by default Autocompletion increases data transmissi...
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December 2, 2022

Executive Director for Rails Foundation needed, Stimulus 3.2 and more

Hi, Wojtek here with this week's news from the Rails world. The Rails Foundation is hiring an Executive Director The Rails Foundation is looking for a full-time executive director to run day-to-day operations, and implement the Rails Core Team's mission to improve the documentation, education, marketing, and events in the Rails ecosyst...
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November 25, 2022

Disable enum methods generation, a concurrency fix and more!

Hi there, This is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in Rails. Make sure that concurrent map usage is thread-safe This pull request changes the way a cache miss is handled. It makes it thread-safe and ensures that it's not overwritten in the middle of execution. Autoload ActiveModel::ValidationError This pull request adds the missin...
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November 18, 2022

The Rails Foundation, Stimulus Outlets API, bug fixes and lots of improvements!

Boa noite! This is Emmanuel, bearer of good tidings. Introducing: The Rails Foundation In case you missed it, with eight founding members, Rails has started The Rails Foundation! Together, the founding members have contributed a total sum of $1,000,000 that will aid the foundation's mission to improve the documentation, education, mark...
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November 11, 2022

This Week in Rails: A bugfix and improvements!

Hi there, This is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in Rails. Fix Enumerable#many? to handle all block parameters Before this fix, Enumerable#many? didn't forward the block parameters to the block, so if someone called it in a chain with each_with_index, the index wasn't passed to the block. Use filename when printing pending migra...
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November 4, 2022

An improved error page, groundwork for composite primary keys and Stimulus 3.1.1

Hi, Petrik here with this week's news from the Rails world. Improve the "missing template" error page This error page got a nice overhaul with clearer wording, making it more helpful, especially for beginners. Allow specifying columns to use in ActiveRecord::Base object queries Support for composite primary keys in Rails is getting pri...
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October 28, 2022

More intuitive checking of form check boxes and radio buttons

Hi, Wojtek here with this week's news from the Rails world. Support checked as a keyword argument in check_box_tag and radio_button_tag Now the form helper f.check_box "admin", checked: falseworks as expected. Previously it had to be passed as positional argument. Allow Active Record adapter "execute" to retry on connection-related exc...
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October 21, 2022

An Active Record improvement, performance gains and a bugfix!

Guten Tag! Emmanuel here again, with some updates from Rails. Don't trigger after_commit :destroy callback again on destroy if record previously was destroyed The after_commit :destroy callback would always run even if a record was destroyed previously. This PR fixes that. Essentially, we don't want to call after_commit :destroy on unp...
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October 14, 2022

Column information in ERB template exceptions, migration option validation and more!

Hey, this is Greg bringing you the latest news from the Rails world. Add column information to exceptions inside ERB templates This PR adds column information to exceptions that occured inside ERB templates. There are before and after screenshots of the Rails error page, and a great explanation of the change in the PR description. Vali...
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October 8, 2022

Updated Permissions-Policy directives and LSP support?

Hi, this is Petrik with this weeks updates in the Rails world. Support more Permissions-Policy directives With the Permissions-Policy header you can allow or block the use of browser features. This pull request adds support for directives for the following features: hid, idle-detection, screen-wake-lock, serial, sync-xhr and web-share....
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September 30, 2022

ERB in YAML keys, performance boosts, a new option for QueryLogs!

こんにちは。I'm Emmanuel, and I've got some updates for you! Avoid double type cast when serialising attributes ActiveModel::Attribute#value already casts model attributes when persisting models, however some model attribute types try to cast a given value before serialising it. This means casting is done twice in most cases. This PR fixes t...
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September 23, 2022

Improved assert_redirected_to, improved error messages and more!

Hi, this is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in the Rails framework. Allow specifying the HTTP status code in assert_redirected_to Before this change, assert_redirect_to asserted any 3XX response, but with this change, it is possible to assert a specific response code, like 301. Allow passing classes to dom_id Allowing dom_id to r...
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September 17, 2022

Handling reconnects in Action Cable, no more Coffeescript and a new guide.

Hi, this is Petrik with this week's Rails updates and some Hotwire news. Add exclude? method to ActionController::Parameters exclude? returns true if the given key is not present in the parameters. It is the inverse of include?. Adding this method keeps things a little more consistent with a Hash. params = ActionController::Parameters....
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September 10, 2022

Rack 3 and Rails 7.0.4, 6.1.7, and 6.0.6 releases, ActionDispatch::Cookies, etc

👋🏾... This is Emmanuel. I've got some Rails updates for you. Rack 3.0 has shipped A major version of Rack has shipped, and as expected, there are breaking changes but with lots of improvements and an upgrade guide. There's also a changelog of the beta versions and release candidates leading up to the release. Rails 7.0.4, 6.1.7, and 6....
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September 2, 2022

Bugfixes, improvements and more!

Hi, this is Greg with the latest news from the world of Rails. Return "Range Not Satisfiable" return code for partial downloads with incorrect range This PR fixes an issue when a partial download request with an incorrect range was made. Before the fix, Rails threw a RoutingError, but from now on it returns a "Range Not Satisfiable" re...
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