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March 4, 2024

Portico Darwin: 3 Year Anniversary + Depart Tupper Lake



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While it probably seems longer, it is 3 years tomorrow that I began this blog

A couple of months later, a companion websiteSwag, too.  Of course, there is swag!

But it wasn't all vile commercialism:  I built an AI art gallery, after all. 

There have been a total of 502 posts in the process, and 476 tracks/albums/playlists played to date on KLUF.  131 people and 2 dogs have been given fake names.  There's been SOPTOC, Lottery Winner, and now, London Calling.  And there's no end in sight:  I think we all can agree it's unlikely I will ever run out of opinions.

So sure, and with the humility that is my hallmark, I toast to . . . myself.
10 Seconds of Seriousness:  What an unusual period, in the world, and my life, too.

The former?  5 March 2021 was just two months after the attempted overthrow of the US Government on January 6th.  The virus was still ongoing.  President Biden was 3 years younger.  It appeared the Republican party might be ready to move beyond Trump.

Now?  I just want this year to end with anyone but Trump elected President.  I literally don't care about anything else, not climate, not guns, not crime - nothing. 

Because I don't believe America will ever be America again were he to be somehow reelected.  The guardrails held - barely - the first time.  The next time I fear we will not be as fortunate. 

What about the latter, these past 3 years in my own life?   

Tell us more

Said no reader of this blog, ever.

But this much does need to be said:  Thank you - I appreciate you making time to read my RAMBLINGS.  You do not know how much it means to me that people - people I love and respect - read this. 

(Not valid in North Carolina.)

As I am wont to say:  I love to write, and I have acknowledged early and often that this blog is my pitiful attempt at relevance in retirement.

And mental health.  Trust me, putting shit out there, no matter how you do it, can help.

Back to the fun.  Using the wonders of database technology and online word cloud services, I present the general subjects and topics of TODAY'S RAMBLINGS, and the bands played on KLUF.  Searchable/sortable lists are available at the website, or you can click here for the article archive, and here for everything played on my imaginary radio station.




10 More Seconds of Seriousness:  Thanks again, to all of you.

Tupper Lake

A note on my beloved Tupper Lake, as I depart soon for the drive and train ride to Hoboken. 

It is still amazing, and still so very depressed economically.  If you want to see what no business activity looks like, come here, at least in winter.  I sure wish they'd get behind my master plan.

But boy, is it quiet, and it is nice not locking one's car, or even house.   

It is also f'ing gorgeous, at any time of the year.

Oh, and a pro tip for anyone with similar needs.  This being her secondary house in Tupper Lake, reserved for those so relegated (like me), Shelly to date had no music system at Murphy Meadows. 

That is now fixed, and you'd be amazed at what two Sonos Roam SL's can do.  At $200 each, including their trick charging stand, these are tough to beat, as they are not only traditional Sonos zones, but portable Bluetooth speakers, too.  Diamond Certified, at least for what they are.


Just know that Randy Smee and Lara Mohair are enjoying London Calling.  

But me publishing the two of them reveling in it here would make that soirée of self-absorption worse than it is already, correct?

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


In honor of this 3rd anniversary, here is Lou Reed and the live version of "Sweet Jane," from his live album Rock n Roll Animal.

This is my favorite rock song, which I get to play, since it's my day.  

Some will recognize that as a not-so-sweet remembrance of my dear, departed mother, who would unilaterally make things like her birthday and anniversary an artificially big deal.  

And who would do that?

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