Harry Keller

September 3, 2022

↬ August 2022: wrist pain, holidays, some Village One news

Hey y’all, I’m a few days late with the August recap, because the last days have been hectic: We’re going on holidays tomorrow, leaving Berlin for a bit, and there was a lot to wrap up work-wise and also I still haven’t packed. Weee! Living on the edge! Also: All of August I’ve had varying degrees of wrist pain, presumably from typing ...
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July 31, 2022

↬ July 2022: cooperatives everywhere, growing chilis and upcoming holidays

Hey y’all, another month has passed, welcome back! This is now essentially a newsletter about cooperatives, I hope you don’t mind! Let’s go! 🚨 What’s new In the last recap I already shared that Doro, Christoph and I founded a somewhat utopian design + tech cooperative called Village One. We’re also writing a company newsletter and sent...
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July 2, 2022

↬ June 2022: the climate crisis, capitalism and a new cooperative

Heya and welcome to the sixth issue of this monthly newsletter – we’ve reached the halfway point of 2022! I’m a few days late with my June recap, but there’s a reason: Today is the UN’s International Day of Cooperatives and fittingly I co-founded a cooperative yesterday! Wait, what? Let’s quickly zoom out for some context! 🚨 Lots of he...
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May 31, 2022

↬ May 2022: what I’m doing next, hybrid work, tech lay-offs, plus some links and recommendations

Heya, it’s the end of the month again/already which means recap time! Thank you for being here and a quick reminder: you can simply reply to this mail in case you want to say hello! 📠 🚨 What’s new I hosted an in-person workshop a few weeks ago for the first time “after” the pandemic and found myself quite puzzled during preparation: Wi...
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April 30, 2022

↬ April 2022: maintenance work, cooperatives, good decisions, moby dick

Hey there, time for the April recap – I’m late and this week was hectic, so here we go without much of an introduction. Thank you for being here! 💛 🚨 What’s new Looks like we collectively decided the pandemic to be over now. Odd. How soon until I’m the strange one wearing a mask in a supermarket? Elon Musk buys Twitter. Sigh. All the t...
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March 31, 2022

↬ March 2022: holidays, digital tooling, growing chilis (or not)

Hey there, welcome to my third monthly recap this year – I’m writing this one pretty last minute, because I’ve been happily ignoring my todo list for all of March. My daily work at diesdas.digital came to a close in February and I had given myself a month to unwind and regain some creative energy. That has meant fewer obligations, fewe...
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February 27, 2022

↬ February 2022: last days at diesdas, mathing together, dark times

Hey there, I hope this message finds you well, but oh boy, it’s being sent out under different circumstances than I expected … admittedly it feels petty and irrelevant to write a personal newsletter right now, while the sickening invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia is underway. I’ve donated $1000 to the Ukraine Crisis Fund – I hope i...
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January 30, 2022

↬ January 2022: diesdas exit, chili jam, winter vibes and sand worms

Hey y’all, Harry here, with a January recap and a few photo impressions at the end. Time continues to be weird and it’s hard to believe we’re already a full month into 2022, so the plan is to write monthly recaps across the year, to be more aware and to keep track of what’s happening. This post is a bit longer because it’s the first on...
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January 1, 2022

Write here, write now

Hello readers, first things first, that’s a terrible headline, I know. Apologies! 😅 Anyhow, welcome, glad you’re here at the very start of 2022! I’m usually not a person who sets new year’s resolutions or even goals, because instead of giving me focus I find them limiting: They were conjured up in the past, might have been superseded b...
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