Patrick Davidson

Hey! I'm Patrick, an independent animator & creator of TREP & Traveling Gringos. I also teach animation in my Expat Animator video series. Help me teach more aspiring animators by making a Donation or visiting my Store. Keep on animating!

March 21, 2023

Rough Animator v3.04 Bug & Workaround

I was having an issue opening existing Rough Animator files on my Mac. I found a workaround and I'll show you my quick tip of how to do it in today's episode of the Expat Animator! -Patrick
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March 14, 2023

My Best Advice for Completing Large Animation Projects

I give my best single piece of advice for completing large animation projects on today's episode of the Expat Animator. -Patrick
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March 7, 2023

Rough Animator v2 to v3 - My Initial Reaction

I know I am late to the party when it comes to Rough Animator's new interface with v3. But I wanted to show my initial reaction when I first saw it. If you haven't upgraded from v2 yet, what are you waiting for? -Patrick
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February 28, 2023

2023 Channel Update

I wanted to make a video explaining where I've been the last five months and give an update on the future of this channel. My "Expat Animator" video series is where I help beginners, hobbyists, and independent animators create 2D animations. -Patrick
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February 22, 2023

Filming new episodes

In the last two days, I have recorded eight new episodes for my “Expat Animator” YouTube series. I have been waking up around 3am to start filming each morning. You might notice my eyes are pretty red in these videos. Now, I still have to edit these and that will take a lot of time, but these should be able to allow me to post for the ...
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February 17, 2023

My YouTube Channel Update

I am trying to get back into the swing of things in regards to making YouTube videos for my channel again. I want to have a few videos ready to go before I post any though. It has been over 5 months since my last video! That is the longest time without making a video since I started back in April of 2020. I have actually made a few vid...
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February 10, 2023

My new Website for

This is my first blog post here at Hey World, my new home for But why would I want to switch from my colorful, image and video heavy previous Website? Because I want more simplicity. I was previously using a Wordpress site that I built back in 2016. Every time I wanted to post something I would need to make a thumb...
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