Anubhav Tyagi

August 6, 2022

Cycling on Bangalore Roads

The traffic in the city has got really crazy in last few years. The roads were never great, so driving a car here is signing up for a lot of stress. Riding a bike is faster, enjoyable, cheaper for you and doesn't hurt the planet. The realisation is obvious once you try it out but still it's not a preferred option for most. Disha n I've...
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July 23, 2022

Ride to BLR Airport

Turns out that ride from home to airport is a neat 42.2km 😄 I've always preferred riding away from highways as the noise from the trucks and cars kills the joy of riding, but finding good roads has been tricky from Koramangala. But this highway can be good if you're riding on the edge of the road, with noise cancelling earphones. Also,...
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July 17, 2022

Photos from Germany

I was in Germany for over a month for work. It was mostly just Hamburg with a weekend trip to Berlin. I visited the usual sights, but Germany is no Italy. I was more focused on observing the way of life and how people live their life. I experienced n observed a lot and enjoyed a fair bit of it, but these were fleeting moments and waiti...
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July 9, 2022

3rd Wave of Coffee

Love the ongoing 3rd wave of coffee brewing thanks to locally grown coffee retailing via digital channels and easy availability of equipment. 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters have taken the lead in this 3rd Wave of Coffee. I am typing this from their Sarjapur Cafe, while having my coffee. I've been making a similar pourover coffee at home as w...
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May 6, 2022

Trying Out Hey

Been itching to get back to blogging, something as easy as Twitter and as flexible as Wordpress. Maybe HeyWorld is the answer! Anubhav
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