May 29, 2023

Italy 🤌

The Leopard, an engrossing historical fiction book written in the 1950s about the Risorgimento (Italy's unification in the 1860s). I couldn't put the book down on the plane ride over, and it felt like a useful primer for the week ahead 🐆🍝 Beautiful carsickness Story of a countryside dog 😭 Assisi, of St. Francis A most immediate and sat...
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May 15, 2023


My mama and my mama’s mama ~45 years ago ❤ ———————————— Saint Omer (2022) As I get older and wonder whether I want to be a mother one day, I find myself curious about, yet confounded by the idea of child-bearing. It's depicted in our culture with a happy, spiritual glow; a necessary human experience that you could only live through to ...
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May 8, 2023

kwee’s weeks in photos

Big world, Teeny snail Palimpsest The boy who stares Panics, a “haunting, bizarre short story collection about violence, mental illness, and the warped contradictions of the twentieth-century female experience” by Barbara Molinard Recent foodies: nudibranch, junior’s, gage & tollner, superiority burger, LEV, Agi’s counter Post-torrenti...
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May 1, 2023

made it to 💯

I made it to my 100th blog post! When I started blogging weekly (on Substack originally), it was at mrcoles' suggestion. He started blogging over 10 years ago, and he suggested it to me because his blog helped him carve out his personal real estate on the web. So, in 2020, when I was dipping my toe in tech, the idea was that I could us...
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April 24, 2023

days of being wild (1990)

I first saw Days of Being Wild in 2011 during the Taipei Film Festival—at the cavernous Zhongshan Hall. I was late and entered the packed, dark space from the heavy, wet, tropical heat of the Taiwanese summer, only to be greeted by the tropical palms of the movie’s opening credits (see image on TV above). Experiencing the movie with so...
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April 17, 2023

kwee’s weeks in photos

Hyperallergic Magnificent magnolias Simon subway Getting in as much TikTok as I can, while we still can shmoney Cattelan v. slack, spotted by Peter Crossword x cuddles 🚊🚞💺🚉🚂🚆🚄🚅🚃🚇🚟🛤🚝🚋🚈 The lapdog is lapping Eddie Huang on the left; the perfect tweet on the right. The attitude toward Asians onscreen has become so frickin patronizing !!!!...
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April 10, 2023

Swagger and Tenderness

The South Bronx Portraits by Rigoberto Torres and John Ahearn On view thru April 30 at The Bronx Museum I took photos of all of the nameplates, but in some cases the photo I took is too low quality—some of these names may be incorrect! The ones where I'm not sure have (?) next to them: Maria; The Graduates: Bashira and Princess; Barcar...
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April 4, 2023


oaxaca beautiful kinetic alive city the last 3 images are a boutique called Tienda Q a wedding chinese tea ceremony beautiful bride (on her 4th dress of the night) friends ❣❣❣ some of the places in these photos: Kiyo Cafe, Las Quinces Letras p&c xmas card pic time 👐👐👐 good good food food from left to right, top to bottom: Levadura de O...
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March 27, 2023

kwee’s weeks in photos

He was also wearing the Hereditary sweatpants Team Superset + badgalriri and badgalzizi I spy with my little eye,,, an Emmy in a window recent dinnertime companions Z the sun god Pi day praying mantis egg sac // all hail giger 2 different restaurants, floating noods abound BAM nights with sashie and her spacious pockets The 你幹什麼 specia...
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March 20, 2023

spring is springing

From left to right: - beginning to cut back the brown and dead on the High Line, to make way for new growth - the newest leaf on my fiddle leaf fig came in with a little window - every night I drink chia water, and in the morning I dump any leftover water into my watering can. It looks like a seed made it past my nightly slurping, and ...
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March 13, 2023

Alternative Academy

If you liked: Movie (year) Another Movie I'd Recommend (year) [IMAGE(S)] why: a thing about Movie that I think is better portrayed or honored in Another Movie I'd Recommend If you liked: Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) 1. Tampopo (1985) why: Asians doing random, frenetic things 2. Pushing Hands (1991) why: its depiction of the...
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March 6, 2023

kwee's week in photos

left: "Chester Pinning Ziggy" (2023) right: "Judith Beheading Holofernes" (Caravaggio c. 1598–1599 or 1602) late winter sun blur BRIC Poetry Slam led by Mahogany L. Browne and Jive Poetic FaceTimes with Reid TOILETPAPER's March what were once beets from bar b dog pile I luv magic 🪄♠♥♦♣🪄 lilo ❣ the old haunt I just got a ring from L'Enc...
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February 27, 2023


I went to Florida last weekend for a wedding: the sights The first night was at Margaritaville: channeling Jimmy Buffett à la Beach Bum Actual wedding was on a boat ⛴, I hung out on top for the views Back 🏡 Bonus: picture of Ziggy at boarding looking like a Chinese New Year lion ______________________________ I went to Florida last wee...
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February 20, 2023


This endlessly funny, endlessly brilliant man. My safe place and harbor. With Peter, every morning, every day, and every night feels like a love affair, and also...a vaudeville show. Thank you for taking care of me ❤🔥 taking care in the way that Taiwanese people say it (screenshot from Ang Li's The Wedding Banquet) my personal movie lo...
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February 13, 2023

day of feel-good

square dancing for Steph bday at Jalopy, puppy boyfriends gently kissing, xiaolongbao beanie
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February 6, 2023

kwee's weeks in photos

I want this poster for the bedroom, but Peter's not sure about going to sleep every night and waking up every morning under the watchful eye of Klaus Kinski. The patron saint of destructive obsession...but I'm going to wear him down eventually (ง’̀-‘́)ง weirdest and worrying January weather here in NYC, but it made for a bright orange-...
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January 30, 2023

Rest in Peace, Tyre Nichols Tyre Nichols' Photography Website: ------------ ------------
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January 23, 2023


A terrible, dark cloud hanging over this year's Lunar New Year. Late last night as I was about to go to sleep, I saw that something had happened in Monterey Park; Jeong Park's brief but important context on what Monterey Park means to Asians in LA; trying to litigate my rage, confusion, grief.
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January 16, 2023

high line by the months

march Very gray-brown. Starting the season with Spring cutback april before/after; even though there is more green, still cutting back the dead always wanted to go to a shindig in the chelsea market passage space and I got to finally 🕺🏻. Altho, it was frigid, so it was a bit more stolid than I had always hoped may Finally, green happy ...
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January 9, 2023

2022 Movie and Book Round-up

Favorite movie of the year All the Beauty and the Bloodshed: A movie that unexpectedly cut to the core of why we make and need art. Yes, it’s also very importantly about the Sackler Family, Nan Goldin, and the opioid crisis; but the explicitly stated topics are woven together to illustrate the power when an artist such as Nan Goldin me...
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January 2, 2023


Howdy, 2023 Whenever I've tried thinking about new year’s resolutions in the past, they've always felt like self-coercion, like there's a secret “better” version of myself beckoning from across the threshold of a new year. But, across that threshold, I always discover it's still me and I am me and there's not some magical version of me...
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December 26, 2022

kwee’s week in photos: Xmas edition

A case of the cozies A case of the cuddles A case of the sleepies A case of the tasties The delicate, inscrutable language of the Amtrak paper slips Because one Peter is not enough Issa double rainbow 🌈🌈 Christmas savories and/or The end of the day is near when small men make long shadows. Christmas sweets Happy Christmas to All and to...
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December 19, 2022

Went to Dave & Buster’s

For the first time, and had lots! of! fun! 👾🏀🎮🎳🕹 Also: my brothers used to love DDR and I got to try it for myself finally. Am wondering if I should get really into ~*the revolution*~ at this stage of my life
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December 12, 2022

kwee’s weeks in photos

Reid, such a constant heart ♥ The Washington Post is ending its magazine. From a recent round-up, a heartbreaking, poignant piece on animal abuse from Gene Weingarten. It made me want to be a better human, and especially more gentle to my little beastie. A lil puffer fish @ Singlish I met a very nice man recently who works for the ever...
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December 5, 2022

Criterion haul

It's been awhile since I took advantage of a Criterion 50% off sale, but a couple things have happened in recent months/years that made me begin buying physical media again: • HBO Max/Warner Bros. removed/didn't release content; I realized we take streaming content for granted as always being available to us, but it's under threat more...
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November 28, 2022


What I’m grateful for: • thinking & feeling people The thinker-feelers that express things the most profoundly for me are the moviemaking philosophers 🎥 • chosen family A very stylish Taiwanese kid gang from Growing Up (1983) • family • Long, winding conversations, over food Over hot pot, most preferably • 55-70 degree days and sunshin...
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November 21, 2022

the silliest, but also very real, phobia

The Polish film poster for E.T. A lot of things scare me, but the image/thing that has dominated my fearscape the most: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. While not so common in an anecdotal or everyday way, you can find some recounting of the fear online. I relate intensely to what my fellow E.T.-phobics describe: • "I used to have dreams, r...
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November 14, 2022

eulogizing Twitter

Who knows what's going to happen to Twitter. But if it changes into something unrecognizable or goes kaputt entirely, I do want to honor how important it was to me for a ~10-year window of time, and take a snapshot of the public square as I loved it. To do this, I'm going to do what I do best, which is lurk, like, laugh, and learn, and...
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November 7, 2022

30 favorite movie-music moments

In no particular order: 1. Doing it to Death by The Kills > Titane, screenshot from hulu 2. Dies Irae > The Shining, screenshot from video; Dies Irae has been used countless times in media and this will always be the best, most spine-chilling use of all time 3. Moonlight by John...
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October 31, 2022

spook rock

3 or 4 Octobers ago, I was at a midnight screening at Spectacle, where they were running through some very special, very campy, low production value horror movies. As we waited for the movie to begin, we realized the music playing was super spooky vibey, but also funky and fun. We asked for some of the songs from the guy manning the ti...
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