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March 3, 2023

Portico Darwin: 2 Years Old!


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Holy smokes, this blog is 2 years old tomorrow!  What started as just a pitiful and narcissistic quest for relevance and attention in retirement has turned into . . . an ongoing pitiful and narcissistic quest for relevance and attention in retirement.

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  as I've said here and to some of you personally, I simply love writing.  The fact that anyone reads what I write is a huge bonus for which I'm extremely grateful.  My sincerest thanks.

Now, let's make it fun.  First, I'll summarize the two years by using those dreaded word clouds.  Except in the case of my beloved newsletter, they kind of make sense.  And then I just keep going on.  And on. 


The first summarizes the topics about which I've written over the past two years.  Behind the scenes, I tag each blog with one or more of the following categories:

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Infrastructure
  • Personal
  • Politics+Society
  • Technology+Gear
  • Travel

Here it is, through this past Wednesday's post.

Wow - I've written a lot about politics and myself.  What a surprise.  Said absolutely no one.  And I clearly need to write more about trains! 

Here's a searchable/sortable archive of it all.

Portico Darwin Archive

The next summarizes the bands I've played on KLUF.  This one is more fun. 

For you music obsessives like me, you will enjoy this searchable/sortable list of everything played to date on KLUF.  Given that I attempt to play mostly good stuff, you might find it useful for discovering performers with whom you're not familiar or maybe even forgotten.

KLUF Database

Darwin Award Winners
For two solid years, this has been one of the world's most anticipated events, celebrating one of the world's most prestigious awards.  It is, isn't it?  Right?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Let's wrap it up with you.  Here are the names for all of you that my odd mind has made up over the past 2 years.  

  1. Aine Cork Shula
  2. Alden Michaels
  3. Alexandra Murphy Daniels
  4. Anastasia Pace Scarf
  5. André Aurich
  6. Andrew Whistler 
  7. Andy Jones
  8. Antoinette Strobel
  9. Arthur
  10. Baron Belgium
  11. Barry Bricks
  12. Bart Golf
  13. Betty 
  14. Biff Fladgate
  15. Biff Foundry
  16. Blaine Machination
  17. Bo Nightingale
  18. Bob Scarf
  19. Bruce Rosenberg
  20. Bulleit Bob
  21. Byron Browne IV
  22. Cardi A
  23. Carrie Darwin Sightwell
  24. Champ Hustler
  25. Chloe Storm
  26. Connie Chung
  27. Cyd Pepfog Darwin
  28. Dallas Money
  29. Damon Hemingway
  30. Dean Andrew Jones, Jr
  31. Debbie Hyde Howling
  32. Devin Singh, PhD
  33. Dimitri Sightwell
  34. Dirk Gordon
  35. Doctor Hope
  36. Don Jumanji
  37. Dr. Davis Fladgate
  38. Dr. Doreen Downs
  39. Dr. Shelly Murphy
  40. Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels
  41. Emery Riddle
  42. Fi Deuce
  43. Foster Fieldhouse
  44. Foster Shula
  45. Geisha Beverly
  46. George Bunyan
  47. George Valiant Walker
  48. Günther Strobel
  49. Harrison Heinz
  50. Hunter Deuce
  51. Jade Glory
  52. Jay Howling
  53. Jennifer Michaels
  54. Jessica Rabbit
  55. Joe Fowler
  56. Joey "Bishop" Simon
  57. K. Helmsley Garfinkel 
  58. Katie Krakow
  59. Katie Marina
  60. Kevin Monza
  61. Laine Murphy
  62. Lally Darwin Heinz Esq.
  63. Lana Heinz
  64. Laura Gonzalez
  65. Lauren Ryder
  66. Libby Baines Jones
  67. Louise Lederhosen
  68. Luigi Ferrari
  69. Marilyn Millan Fladgate
  70. Marin Simon
  71. Marty Siena
  72. Mary Murphy Von Trapp
  73. Max "Madras" Ryder
  74. Melinda Mario
  75. Melynda Fladgate
  76. Miguel Shannon
  77. Mrs. Crup
  78. Natalie Karen Michaels
  79. Ned "Upstate" Darwin
  80. Nib Riddle
  81. Nicki Vale
  82. Ol' Purple Label
  83. Peet Krakow
  84. Popeye
  85. Portico Darwin
  86. Primo Harvey PhD
  87. Professor Howard Blum Esq.
  88. Prudence Ferrari
  89. Ralph Plummer
  90. Randy Clough
  91. Raquel Heinz Baku
  92. Raymond Michaels
  93. Rex Murphy
  94. Rhoda Fladgate
  95. Rikki Aurich
  96. Sadie Borger
  97. Seamus Murphy
  98. Shane Von Trapp
  99. Sherry Pace
  100. Silly
  101. Stacey Moen Simon
  102. Stacy Nichols
  103. Steven Simon
  104. Tabatha
  105. Taylor Clough
  106. Turner Murphy
  107. Vol Siena
  108. Zoe Lobo Murphy

108 names.  Nearly 350 posts.  Over 300 musical suggestions.  2 Diamond Certified years.  

Thank you.


This just in.  Yes, this is the legend herself, and our host for the week, Dr. Shelly Murphy.   She was interviewed on the local CBS station's morning show this past Wednesday.  Of course she was.
Screenshot 2023-03-02 093931.png
If you'd like to know just a little bit more about the good doctor, you can watch an extended clip of the interview here.  So funny they got her name wrong!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been quite mum regarding the happenings down here in Houston.  I think it's probably because I am trying to cook up a way of capturing what we experience as Shelly's guests during Rodeo.  It can't be a Travel Guide, but perhaps some kind of a novella based on the facts? 

Perhaps it will open with this past Sunday's Wine Auction Dinner.  This is one of the major social events on the Houston calendar and it's a see and be seen vibe for the city's posh and pampered set.  How about I build this first chapter to a point where a single bottle of wine is purchased for $165,000?  AND it's bought by a born-and-bred Houstonian who only 40 years ago couldn't have walked on the grounds?

Except that's all true.


Here's Curtis Jackson (A.K.A. Fifty Cent - but his friends - of course - call him Fiddy) buying a bottle from a winemaker and his partner, who happened to be seated at our table.

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


To celebrate this illustrious occasion, I'm rolling out a new feature; it's really a new capability.  Althugh in the past I've been able to share smaller playlists, I can now share my personally curated magic that includes any number of songs.

Here - available on both TIDAL and Spotify, is:
For the record, I created the playlist in Roon and then exported it to TIDAL, so it is that version that has every single song I intended; the version at Spotify is missing a few tracks.

With that out of the way, here is what is featured on this almost 1650 song, 125 hour behemoth.  No false modesty:  this thing is ridiculous, and you can plumb its depths at the link above - it's sortable, searchable, etc.  Better yet I hope you'll give it a listen.  And how appropriate for an anniversary blog:  another list!  And some Textbook and beyond music.  It's almost like a . . . radio station!  KLUF!

You really should check it out - this playlist reflects literally decades of listening to music and being an OCD pain in the ass about it.  It includes what I would consider the best songs from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and ZZ Top, to name just 4 of the over 200(!) bands featured.  And there's a smattering of one-hit wonders included - so yes, Hunter Deuce, Looking Glass's "Brandy" is there, as is Argent's "Hold Your Head Up".

Indeed, I'd would love to hear from my fellow music nuts if you feel I've somehow overlooked an artist, or perhaps included one or more that you feel don't belong? 

But wait, there's more:  with this new capability, you can count on these future gems:

  • KLUF:  Harder Rock (In progress!  It's where I put Rush!)
  • KLUF:  Modern Rock
  • KLUF:  Jazz
  • KLUF:  Entertaining
  • KLUF:  Chill

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