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December 30, 2022

Portico Darwin: 2022 Darwin Award Winners Special Edition

There are acutally actually no typos in today's post.

Without further ado and in response to the clamoring from many (fact check:  nobody), here's who will be taking home the prized Portico this year.  The award ceremony is very hush-hush and on a need-to-know basis.

Trip of The Year

· Ormond Beach
· Tupper Lake
· Italy & Austria: 
Lake Garda/Dolomites/Innsbruck
Metro NYC

Despite a late and extremely strong challenge in the end by Metro NYC, the choice was still clear.  The Portico goes to:  Lake Garda/Dolomites/Innsbruck!

Hotel of The Year

In a shocker to absolutely no one that knows me, the Portico goes to:  The Adler Mountain Lodge!

Party of The Year

· Ol' Purple Label Birthday Picnic
· Clufffalo Numbers at Funston House
· Tupper Lake Wednesday Party
· Fleet Week Picnic

And the Portico goes to:  Clufffalo Numbers at Funston House!

Album of The Year

And the Portico goes to (as it must):  Porcupine Tree and Stupid Dream!

Book of The Year

And the Portico goes to:  The Man Who Broke Capitalism, by David Gelles!

Recipe of The Year

And the Portico goes to:  Tuna Sando!

Exhibit of The Year

  • NASCAR Archives & Research Center, Daytona Beach
  • Diego Rivera Mural, SF
  • Armani Museum, Milan
  • Ramses the Great, SF

And the Portico goes to:  Diego Rivera Mural, SF!

Blog Post of The Year

And in a flourish of narcissism that is my trademark, I'll wrap with an award to myself.  There's a shocker.

And the Portico goes to:  October 2 and Gratitude!

Of course it does.  I am one of the luckiest people you know.

If you're not in this picture and you think you should be, it's likely because I don't have a good picture of you from 2022.  Or, perhaps maybe you're the narcissist?

Much love and thank you to any one that reads this madness.  Happy New Year!

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