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December 31, 2023

Portico Darwin: 2023 Awards Special Edition!

Without further ado and in response to the clamoring from many (fact check:  nobody), here's who will be taking home a prized Portico this year.  The award ceremony is very hush-hush and on a need-to-know basis, but I can confirm an event is in the planning phase.  More to follow, but for now, here are this year's winners!

Trip of The Year 

And the Portico Darwin Award goes to:  Paso Robles!

Party of The Year

  • Lauren Ryder 60th Birthday
  • Thievery Corporation Rave
  • Cabo Pulmo
  • Portico Darwin 60th Birthday

In the swamp of narcissism that is this blog, what do you think was going to win?

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  I proudly accept the award on behalf of all of the friends and family who attended that special night.  Thank you very much - it was a night I will not forget.

And Fun Fact:  that's two in a row for this place.

Album of The Year

Albums released in 2023 are marked with an asterisk.

This, the most hotly contested race in this year's contest, could have gone to any of the nominees - each is Diamond Certified and absolutely worth your time. 

But the Portico must go to M83 and Fantasy.  I've played the hell out of this record, and still am.

Book of The Year

Books released in 2023 are marked with an asterisk. 

And the Portico goes to:  Chip War, by Chris Miller!

But I do hope you notice my reading of Stephen King's amazing how-to . . .

Movie of The Year

In a pick sure to anger some, the Portico Darwin Award goes to Oppenheimer!

Societal Dysfunction Character of The Year

  • The Psycho Woke:  Madison Wright
  • Self-Entitled Millennial:  Roy Dirwin
  • Spoiled Idle Rich Mom:  Catherine Carats

Amid howls of protest from The Psycho Woke themselves - after all, they say, I am singling out a person, and that can trigger activate others that have been singled out in the past - the winner is Madison Wright.

Artificial Intelligence Engine of The Year

And the Portico goes to:  DreamStudio.  But only because I enjoyed using it the most.   
0_Rock music played by rock stars as a graphic in th_esrgan-v1-x2plus.png

Blog Post of The Year

Yes.  Again - an award to me for writing a blog about myself or things in which I am interested.

And the Portico goes to:  Lottery Winner!

Of course it does.  I am one of the luckiest people you know.

Much love to anyone reading this madness. 
Oh, why not?  I just took this photo a while ago, at sunrise this morning.  Have a great NYE!

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