Josh Pitzalis

July 17, 2021

A complete guide to doing customer interviews

Hey hey, 3 weeks ago I spent about 10 days writing a series of posts that covered everything I know around doing customer interviews. Then I completely forgot to send out the final link of everything tied together in a single. Here is a complete guide to doing customer interviews: I cover...
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June 29, 2021

How does customer research lead to real product improvements?

I've found customer research helps me improve product in three ways: It allows me to say no to stuff, it helps me map out the problem space, and it defines useful criteria for a solution. Saying no to stuff It's easy to get lost when you're building features. Grounding yourself in your user's perspective can let you know when you're ba...
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June 26, 2021

How do you organise interview data?

When I first read the Mom Test and started doing customer interviews, it became clear that I'd be accumulating lots of notes and recordings of interviews I didn't know what to do with. There were two of us doing interviews at the time. We would do a bunch of interviews and then share takeaways with each other. Whoever was doing the int...
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June 23, 2021

Finding people to speak to

You don’t need to speak to lots of people, nor do you need to speak to them all at once. Two or three people a week is more than enough to start with. Recent customer support wins are always a good place to start. You don’t need a complicated reason to reach out to people that have just had a great experience with customer support. Exp...
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June 22, 2021

How to do an interview

I can go long stretches without doing interviews. When I jump back into them I'm always a little rusty. I have a little game I play that helps me get into the groove. I score each conversation with a simple point system. 2 negative points and 2 plus points. Easy to remember while I’m listening. Then I score the recording afterward to s...
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June 21, 2021

Customer discovery questions

The only scripted question I ask is: “ Tell me about why you started using [our product]?” I do customer discovery work in the context of existing products and I only interviewing existing users. Traditionally, discovery work is done before you build a product. There's lots of great writing out there about that sort of discovery work. ...
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June 20, 2021

Speaking to people is critical to building badass products

Over the next week, I'll be writing about customer discovery and how I approach interviewing people to build better products. The goal is to clarify my thinking around the topic and improve my current discovery process. I’ll keep things short, 300 - 400 word posts. At the end of it , I’ll put all the best bits into one big post that yo...
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April 28, 2021

4 weeks on user retention

Over the last 28 days, I wrote and shared everything I know about retaining users in software products. Here are all 28 posts, re-organised into useful themes. Shaping your core value proposition • #1 We there yet? • #2 People were solving the problem before you came along • #3 Easy to use and simple to remember • #4 Use case sweet spo...
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April 27, 2021

#28 Stackranking

Figuring out what to work on next is a complicated, multi-stakeholder problem that never goes away. Look online for how to prioritise stuff and you will run into frameworks RICE, ICE and PIE. The problem with these frameworks is that everything ends up being rated a medium. The great ideas were obvious to begin with, and everything els...
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April 26, 2021

#27 Measuring the impact of a product experiment

The broad strokes to running a product experiment are: 1. Identifying a customer and/or business problem 2. Coming up with a hypothesis for a solution 3. Building the changes under a feature flag 4. Running the experiment 5. Review the results of the test Step 5, reviewing the results, doesn't happen inside your feature flag manager. T...
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