JF Martin

May 15, 2021

The End of my HEY World Experience

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash No time to waste here. This post will be the last one on HEY World. After giving it a few thoughts, today, I decided to move my Friday Notes & Photo Legend Series to Substack. Why, you might ask? It is all about control, flexibility and discoverability. HEY World is not a publishing platform. It will n...
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May 14, 2021

Friday Notes #23 — I Didn’t See That Friday Was Coming

Wow, it’s Friday morning, 6:17 AM. Not only the Friday Notes writing is not complete, it isn’t started! I find myself without a subject to write about. Usually, such subject starts to emerge at the beginning of the week, Sunday or Monday. Then, each day, I diligently think and write my Friday Notes to eventually finish just in time, ea...
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May 10, 2021

Photo Legend #25 - “Darkness Falls Across the Land”

(Micheal Jackson’s Thriller playing in the background here). This photo was taken last summer during a long stay in a country house that we rented for two months. That day, when the sun was slowly sunsetting, fog slowly started to crawl and created this wonderful scene. At that time, I took the picture without knowing what I would do w...
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May 7, 2021

Friday Notes #22 — Slow Writing

It’s been a slow week for writing and posting content online. I was busy on other things, and my inspiration is not always a constant flow. It follows a line of ups and downs. I don’t panic or feel bad when it’s down. I take it as an opportunity for taking a pause to do other things and to step back. Taking some distance from my writin...
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May 4, 2021

Keeping HEY during Basecamp Controversy

There is a lot going on around Basecamp, the guys behind HEY email service. Basecamp leadership is shaken after writing controversial blog posts (on HEY) about internal company politics changes. I won't summarize it here as I'm not really fully aware of what's really going on. Yet, people are angry at Basecamp leadership decisions. Emp...
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April 30, 2021

Friday Notes #21 — Some Parts of ME

Recently found on https://alanralph.co.uk/13253-2/: "Take your personal website, for example. Your writing might not appeal to others. People might find it irrelevant or even dislike your style or your message, especially if you are writing about something new and unconventional. But if it’s important to you and if it contains a bit of...
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April 23, 2021

Friday Notes #20 — My Impostor Syndrome

Quick question: do we have to read a lot to be considered a “real” writer? I always thought that writers, like novel writers, must be reading a lot of books. Is it the case? I once had this idea of writing a science-fiction novel (as documented here). Such a project would need much research and readings to put together the envisioned f...
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April 18, 2021

Photo Legend #24 — Spring time

I recently went for a long walk of 8 km on a small island called “Nun’s island”, just outside of Montreal. It was a superb spring day. For the occasion, my iPhone 11 Pro stayed in my pocket as I had my Nikon D750 camera with me with my 70-200 mm lens. On that sunny and warm day, there was so many birds, all with their distinctive sound...
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April 16, 2021

Friday Notes #19 — Feeling Well, Feeling Proud

See these Apple's Activity summary screenshots? They are the source of why I’m feeling so well, so proud these days. On the second day of January, 2021, I decided to change a few things in my physical life. One of them was to exercise more. Way more. We’re now half-way in April, and I’m still in line with this goal. If all goes well, I...
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April 9, 2021

Friday Notes #18 — What Will be my Legacy?

I often think about the concept of legacy. What will I leave behind when I’m gone besides my two kids. What will they remember of me? On what artifacts will they rely on to remember me? They will undoubtedly be able to look into my numeric photos archive for one thing, provided they can still access it. But then, what else? Not much wi...
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