April 30, 2021

I hate Mars. So much.

It’s been quite a while since a sarcastic Mars Curiosity rover with a tendency to suicide has been tweeting from the Gale crater, feeling pretty lonely up there. I always thought that it’s a wonderful idea to have a depressive robot sitting 230 million kilometers away in a red dust desert wishing plague and cholera on us. Over the year...
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April 29, 2021

Just wanna say thank you 😘

Thank's to all the coders, thinkers, and designers in the HEY team. You did an amazing job in decluttering my broken mail habit. If you don't know about how they make Email lovable again give it a try. It's free for 14 days. After that, you pay a fair price for a productive mail tool that helps you stay sane. And you don't have to pay ...
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