Michael Smith Jr.

September 19, 2021

Day 492 :: When does this end?

October is fast approaching. Basically the last 3rd of 2021 is coming and I don’t feel any better to be honest. Our family recently dealt with a Singapore stay at home notice due to my daughter being exposed to COVID by someone in class. The SHN is basically a mini-lockdown of sorts and was quite depressing. Kids missed school, wife co...
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September 1, 2021

Day 491 :: Back to a physical notebook

I wrote this before :: https://world.hey.com/smitty/note-taking-digital-brain-e47cceaa and I am still using Mem but I also separate work from personal notes I decide to go back to a notebook for my personal stuff and meeting notes I also started to use a note taking framework :: https://bulletjournal.com/pages/learn I read the book, ha...
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August 23, 2021

Day 490 :: Social Media hell

Continuing on my M1 thread. Just want to highlight how comical the social media teams are at most companies. Yesterday I wrote this :: https://world.hey.com/smitty/day-489-m1-disaster-13a165b6 I tweeted the link at M1 Singapore and praised them for their new plan. Of course they tweeted back to say thanks https://twitter.com/dreampipe/...
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August 23, 2021

Day 489 :: M1 Disaster

I have been a happy M1 customer for close to a decade. First with decent 4G, first with eSIMs and generally good plans and good customer service. Till now. It was time to re-contract my wife's phone and I used their app to check re-contract status, found it was time, clicked through to re-contract, picked a new phone, picked a new plan...
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August 21, 2021

Day 488 :: What will happen to Thailand?

I tend to refer to Thailand as teflon Thailand. Despite all of the gaffes it just keeps clicking on. But no one predicted COVID and even your most put together governments struggle to combat it. Looks like the COVID cracks are starting to show in Thailand. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-19/thailand-s-first-twin-deficit...
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August 17, 2021

Day 487 :: The world is depressing

I am trying to stay upbeat but basically means I don't read or listen to the news. I get up early and get busy. Get the kids out the door. Get the youngest to school. Then gym and hit the store on the way home. Eat. Maybe, but not always, shower. Work more. Kids start to come back and need food. Work more. Pick up the youngest and go t...
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August 13, 2021

Day 486 :: Gym and a meal or two out

It's crazy how much being able to hit the gym and have a meal out just fixes my mood. My regimen is 3 days of gym, rest day and back at it. Got my 3 day cycle in already as the 3rd day is always leg day. My head is just so much better. Yesterday, had a nice meal out with the wife and stuffed our faces. I really, really feel for those b...
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August 8, 2021

Day 485 :: Tuesday!

Singapore appears to be rounding the corner when it comes to trying to get on with life. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/covid-19-vaccinated-unvaccinated-dining-restrictions-aug-10-2097206 Some may be excited about restaurants opening up again and for the sake of the restaurant industry - I am going to do my part by going out...
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August 4, 2021

Day 484 :: Syndicates

As a previous manager of sorts for a fund most of my investing is my participation in the fund. Fund managers typically have some cash sunk into the fund and it will be awhile before any of it flows back but hey the Kredivo news is a sign that it will come. Since leaving, and wanting to keep my investing chops warm, I have done a few a...
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August 2, 2021

Day 483 :: Fuck COVID

I will admit that it is all starting to get to me. Not being able to hit the gym and lift is a huge downer. I get exercise by going for long walks with my weighted vest or a bike ride with the wifey. I can't do the whole workout at home thing since home is at home and work is at home - 1/3 must be outside the home. Lockdown sucks. Not ...
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